O Harborside

Published by Andrew Nash, Associate Director of Editorial, The ASCO Post 4 years ago

Another day, it’s off to work,

Long gone the days of college.

I’ve got a job at Harborside

(You know, The Nexus of Knowledge).


The ASCO Post was due to press,

I had to proof those pages.

The feature on tamoxifen

Was one for all the ages.


But conflicts of interest were missing from

The pemetrexed story.

I’d have to hunt those down or else

I knew that I’d be sorry.


The FDA had just approved

Another combination.

We’d have to find some space for that

Or ruin our reputation.


Finally done, released, signed off,

I had to check the eTOC (electronic table of contents).

This issue covered ASCO’s Breakthrough,

Being held in Bangkok.


Next I had to knuckle down

And edit The ASCO Post Evening News.

The lead on biosimilars

Would bolster online views.


With publication now ensured

I had to turn to Twitter

To schedule all those headline links

And click on the submitter.


Before I knew it, it was time

To join the podcast team.

We had to give the listeners

Another ep to stream.


But meanwhile in the conference room

The JADPRO folks were meeting.

Just two more months till JADPRO Live,

The time it was a-fleeting.


They had their workshops all mapped out

And Biomarker Bingo

And tons of cool symposia

With fancy AP lingo.


Back at my desk, I took a look

At JNCCN 360

The Spotlight on cetuximab

Had somehow just transfixed me.


I checked out

With redesigned new banners

The keywords that were featured

Would seduce the web-search scanners.


Survivorship, immunotherapy,

Genomics, and genetics:

These were the topics trending

In our website’s current metrics.


And then I spied, in JOP,

A piece with authenticity.

It seemed to sum up everything

On financial toxicity.


Yet JCO and JGO,

The other ASCO books,

Were vying for attention

With their oncologic hooks.


Lest we forget JNCCN,

With algorithms galore,

Had more updated guidelines

And was something to explore.


But much more fun, a video feast,

I eyed OncologyGo.

With smartphone app or smart TV

I’d always have a show.


I broke away and thought about

My Harborside coworkers

And each new project they took on

Like ancient Norse berserkers.



Partnerships aplenty.

No wonder we were widely praised

By cancer cognoscenti.


And then out of nowhere: a corporate blog!

The call to contribute left me in a fog.

But naming of products with keywords in tow

Would surely help out with the site’s SEO.


So with that in mind, 

I sat down to this ditty 

And hoped it would do 

(Though at times it ain’t pretty).